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Aerospace Industry

PCI has been involved in the application coating on several jet engine components for high performance military engine configurations. (See Below)  The results obtained have indicated that our NiBRON® coating has significantly improved component life cycles to permit achievement of tactical cycle performance objectives.  On these particular engine configurations, NiBRON® conforms to AMS-2433 and is specified on more than 100 part numbers as bill of materials. NiBRON® is also specified on several hundred-part numbers for development engines.

Partial List of Aerospace parts using NiBRON® coating

Compressor Bearing Seal Supports
Variable Vanes
Augmentor Nozzle Mounting Brackets
Synchronization Rings
Flap Tracks
Shuttle Manipulator Arms
Military Applications - Army Tank
Airborne High Speed Machine Gun Mounting

Types of Aircraft Engines

F-100 Jet Engine, F-220 Jet Engine, F-220 E Jet Engine, F-229 Jet Engine, F-119 & F135 Engine
F-14 Fighter Jet, F-15 Fighter Jet, F-16 Fighter Jet, F-22 Fighter Jet, JSF Fighter
6000 SERIES Commercial


NiBRON® has many applications in various industries.
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