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Automotive Industry

Over the last few years a major effort has been made to introduce Purecoat International’s coating process into the automotive industry.  There are numerous tests and evaluations being conducted presently with major manufacturers and the results to date are very encouraging.  The following are some examples of applications.

Clutch Throw-Out Mechanism

A major supplier to the automotive industry was experiencing serious galling problems on a helical spline on a high production clutch release mechanism.  At the time of problem identification there were many thousands of units out in the consumer market.  This supplier was faced with the fact that there appeared to be no solution to this problem without a major redesign, which  NiBRON®was found to be extremely successful and is now being used.

Thrust Washers

Thrust washers are used in the differential assembly in automatic transmissions.  Parts were made of bronze and left uncoated. Life was approximately 20,000 miles.  Purecoat International was consulted and using our NiBRON® coating, we were able to extend the life of the thrust washers to 100,000 miles.


NiBRON® has many applications in various industries.
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